Do you or someone close to you experience cognitive decline (for example memory loss) or have been diagnosed with dementia? Do you or someone close to you experience difficulty in everyday activities such as remembering names, misplacing items, preparing meals, focusing during conversations, or planning a holiday? You or the person close to you may benefit from a careful assessment or from a tailored cognitive rehabilitation program.

Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs is a registered psychologist (AHPRA Registration no. PSY0001127266) with speciality training and endorsement in clinical neuropsychology. His clinical practice covers both assessment and treatment with a focus on adults and older adults with, or at risk of, cognitive decline and dementia. Referrals are accepted directly from clients and their families, as well as from GPs, medical specialists (e.g., psychiatrists, neurologists, geriatricians, etc.). Consultations are typically conducted face to face or through telehealth, and can be clinic-based or home-based.

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Dr Bahar-Fuchs offers neuropsychological assessments to adults and older adults with known or suspected neurological condition or injury. In triaging referrals, priority is given to clients who are older adults and are at risk of or with cognitive decline or dementia, and to clients interested in a personalised intervention/treatment program.

Typically, the assessment process will involve:

  • An intake interview with you and possibly a family member
  • Review of background medical records as appropriate
  • The administration of several tests of cognitive ability (e.g., memory, concentration)
  • The administration of several questionnaires to evaluate your personal and medical history, mood, wellbeing, independence, and other relevant issues
  • Scoring of your test results and comparison with the relevant population
  • Face to face feedback regarding the findings of the assessment and my interpretation
  • Preparation of a report

An assessment may be conducted in one session, but more often it will be completed over 2-3 sessions. The whole process, from initial contact to the delivery of a report will typically take 4-6 weeks.

Once you book for an assessment, you will be sent a letter with relevant information about the process, a consent form to sign and relevant questionnaires to complete in advance.

More information about the work of neuropsychologists, and the cognitive/neuropsychological assessment process can be found on the APS college of neuropsychologists website.

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Changes in thinking and cognition (e.g., memory loss) due to neurological disease or injury or secondary to psychological causes will often lead to problems in performing everyday activities. Thankfully, targeted and structured cognitive treatments can help minimize the impact of cognitive impairment on daily functioning. Dr Bahar-Fuchs is internationally recognised for his expertise on the various cognitive treatment approaches, is compassionate and experienced clinician committed to ethical, person-centred and evidence-based care at the highest standard.

Drawing on his extensive research and clinical experience, Dr Bahar-Fuchs offers suitable clients an individualised neuropsychological treatment, combining the most relevant elements from different therapeutic traditions, to ensure clients achieve meaningful outcomes.

Treatments with Dr Bahar-Fuchs are:

  • Scientifically grounded
  • Personalised
  • Build on a careful assessment of strengths and weaknesses
  • Goal-driven and functionally oriented
  • Structured and targets well-defined outcomes
  • Include a combination of restorative and compensatory techniques, along with education and strategies to manage psychological contributions to cognitive symptoms

​Please note:

  • Initial consultations are usually 90 minutes long, and ongoing therapy sessions are 60 minutes long.
  • Neuropsychological assessments will typically be completed in 2-3 sessions
  • Medicare rebates may be available for treatment sessions with a referral from a GP or specialist under a Mental Health Treatment Plan.


Brief Phone Consultation
(15 minutes): $50

Dr Bahar-Fuchs is available for brief phone consultations to learn about your specific circumstances, provide general information and advice, and assist with deciding on next steps.

Standard Hourly Rate
(50 minutes): $280

The fee applies for ongoing treatment sessions, including feedback sessions to review assessment results.

Initial Consultation
(90 minutes): $560

The fee applies for all initial consultations with new clients and includes an additional 30 min for medical record review, preparation time, and review of background questionnaires.

Report Preparation

The fee applies for all initial consultations with new clients and includes an additional 30 min for medical record review, preparation time, and review of background questionnaires.

Neuropsychological Assessment

The fee applies for a complete neuropsychological assessment package which includes:

  • Review of medical records
  • Intake interview
  • Cognitive assessment
  • Scoring tests
  • Report preparation
  • Feedback session (including treatment recommendations)

Note: Tailored services and quote can be provided to clients with specific needs.

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People may be referred to see a neuropsychologist for a variety of reasons, often in relation to a known or suspected injury or illness of the brain. You, your family or your healthcare provider may have some concerns about your memory and thinking and wish to understand them better.

A careful neuropsychological assessment can help clarify the nature, extent, and potential cause of any changes in your thinking, behaviour and function. A neuropsychologically-informed treatment uses the best available evidence-based strategies, drawing on a range of therapy traditions, to provide people living with brain disorders with an opportunity to function as best as possible.

Whether or not a neuropsychological assessment should be considered depends on a range of factors including whether there is a known or suspected injury or illness involving the brain, whether there is a clear diagnosis, and whether a person’s capacity to function at their usual level is reduced.
A neuropsychological assessment can help in various ways, depending on the specific circumstances. It may provide a clearer picture of a person’s relative strengths and weaknesses, assist in arriving at a diagnosis, understand a person’s prognosis, and guide treatment planning.
Cognitively-oriented treatments (COTs) are psychological treatments in which a range of strategies are used to address changes in cognition (e.g., memory), and/or their impact on a person’s everyday functioning. Examples of such treatments include cognitive stimulation, cognitive training, and cognitive rehabilitation. These treatments can be done individually or in groups, and their appropriateness depends on a range of factors such as the severity of illness/injury, the specific goals and wishes of the person, and other characteristics of the patient that may impact on the treatment (e.g., depression or anxiety).
To date, there is no evidence that any treatment can prevent or reverse dementia. Evidence suggest that a range of lifestyle factors including lifelong cognitive, physical and social engagement are associated with reduced risk of dementia. In people with dementia, the goal of existing treatments is to allow a person to maintain the best possible quality of life, including maximising independence and capacity to pursue meaningful goals and activities. There is evidence that cognition-oriented treatments, delivered by an experienced professional can assist in improving a range of relevant outcomes.
Neuropsychological assessments are currently not covered by Medicare.
Where there is a mental health condition, including but not limited to depression and anxiety, treatment sessions may be partially covered by Medicare through a Mental Health Treatment Plan which may be requested from your GP.
If you have been referred for services by a GP or a specialist doctor, the results of your assessment and treatment will usually be shared with them.
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