Cognitive Rehabilitation

Dementia is a leading cause of disability and one of the greatest challenges our ageing societies face. We have learned that a mentally stimulating life is a key factor in reducing the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in the population. We also know that cognitively stimulating activities are an important aspect of improving the lives of people living with dementia. The scientific evidence is ever growing but can be very confusing and its translation to better personalised care is challenging.

The mission of CogFusion is to use the best available evidence, tools, and clinical experience, to educate, increase awareness, and deliver high-quality personalised cognitive interventions with meaningful outcomes. CogFusion is about distilling, clarifying, and simplifying the scientific evidence behind “brain training” and offering personalised support. Find out the latest research findings in plain language, participate or collaborate on exciting studies, or book an appointment for specialist consultation.

I am a…


Dr Alex Bahar-Fuchs is a recognised international expert in research on cognitive interventions in older age, as well as an experienced clinician, supervisor, educator, and advocate.

Having received clinical and research training at some of the world’s best universities and medical research centres, Dr Bahar-Fuchs dedicated his career to understanding and optimising thinking and cognition in older age. He is a registered psychologist specialising in the field of neuropsychology and dedicates his clinical work to the translation of research evidence into practice.

CogFusion includes information about Dr Bahar-Fuchs’ current and past research and links to further useful resources. Dr Bahar-Fuchs can also be contacted for the purposes of a personal consultation, a talk, lecture, or a workshop.